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Villa Astreo in Chianti near Siena


Historic testimonies of an illustrious family


The Museum inside this exclusive bed & breakfast in Siena recalls the history of a family using period photos, memorabilia and other testimonies handed down from generation to generation and carefully preserved to present day.
The many illustrious characters making up the family tree are particularly fascinating, almost fairy tale-like, such as Rosanna Bonelli, known as "Rompicollo", current owner of Villa Astreo, along with her sons, Francesco and Chiara..


The room dedicated to her showcases numerous medals and newspaper articles that depict the triumphant day of 1957 when she astonished and enchanted Siena by racing in the Palio around the legendary Piazza del Campo. Up to today, she has been the only female jockey in history to have ever participated in this extraordinary event. The opportunity came after being the stuntwoman that doubled Diana Dors in the film "La ragazza del Palio" by Luigi Zampa (a film that includes the renowned actor Vittorio Gassman).
The title seemed to signal her destiny, whose magic may be relived in the pages of "Io, Rompicollo - Storia della donna che ha corso il Palio di Siena" (Me, Rompicollo -The Story of the Woman who raced in the Palio of Siena), a book - available also in English - that, after 50 years, narrates how an old dream became reality. Do not miss the extraordinary opportunity to have the book personally autographed!


The lounge is dedicated to Luigi Bonelli (1892-1954), creator of "Rompicollo", the play written by him, with over 200 reproductions. An extra-ordinarily brilliant man, a journalist and writer of theatrical comedies and tales for children, such as the wonderful "Boccaperta in Furberia".
Giulio Cesare Flamini (1908-1987), commemorated in the entrance hall, a General of the Cavalry Corps, many times decorated for his capacity and merits, also remembered in the library that narrates the exploits of the Italian army. He was also among the most influential judges of the Italian Federation for Equestrian Sports. His father Francesco Flamini (1868-1922) was a distinguished scholar and Dante enthusiast, a friend of the poets Pascoli and Carducci. He was the chairman of the prestigious La Normale University in Pisa, as well as the Sorbonne in Paris.